Friday, February 9, 2018

Your Salvation Is Not Just For Your Benefit - But For God's Glory And Purpose

The everlasting God…neither faints nor is weary. —Isaiah 40:28

{CHAMBERS} “Exhaustion means that our vital energies are completely worn out and spent. Spiritual exhaustion is never the result of sin, but of service. Whether or not you experience exhaustion will depend on where you get your supplies. Jesus said to Peter, “Feed My sheep,” but He gave him nothing with which to feed them (John 21:17). The process of being made broken bread and poured-out wine means that you have to be the nourishment for other people’s souls until they learn to feed on God. They must drain you completely— to the very last drop. But be careful to replenish your supply, or you will quickly be utterly exhausted. Until others learn to draw on the life of the Lord Jesus directly, they will have to draw on His life through you. You must literally be their source of supply, until they learn to take their nourishment from God. […] Continually look back to the foundation of your love and affection and remember where your Source of power lies.”

{ELGIN}  Some of Chamber’s devotions in My Utmost are directed at those Christians who are in “full-time” service in vocational-ministry.  You may have read the excerpt above and thought “This does not apply to me.” But, actually, it does.  For most Christians they “exhaust” themselves just trying to live the life they have in Jesus.  Managing their sin mostly.  Let alone feeding other sheep (Christians).  2 Corinthians 5 says we have been given a ministry of reconciliation … reconciling people to God.  Jesus said “Go and make disciples” in Matthew 28.  Both are charges to every Christian.  If you have not been involved in either .. then it’s not because of lack of opportunity.  It is because of lack of obedience and faith.  Both are fully dependent upon the Spirit of God in you and less on your personal ability to teach or persuade.  We talk much about our personal relationship with Christ, but our personal salvation is not an end to itself.  If I buy a car and park it in the garage .. shine it every week.  Start the engine. But never apply it to its purpose for being then it is really a waste of money and my time. With the exception that I have personal satisfaction in owning it and caring for it.  The same for our faith and its purpose.  James said faith without works is dead (James 2).  Like the car in the garage.  Like the Christian who keeps their faith to themselves. So, my point.  Be alert for the opportunity to spiritually engage in the lives of other people.  Don’t trust in yourself, but submit to the Spirit and let God reveal Himself through you.  Fulfill your purpose … and the feeling of exhaustion that is sure to come … will be accompanied with a peace that is found only in service and obedience.

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