Sunday, August 6, 2017

Are You A Flickering Flame Or A Raging Fire

My Utmost For His Highest

…they found Him in the temple….And He said to them, "…Did you not know that I must be about My Father’s business?" —Luke 2:46, 49

{Chambers} “[…] The only abiding reality is God Himself, and His order comes to me moment by moment. Am I continually in touch with the reality of God, or do I pray only when things have gone wrong— when there is some disturbance in my life? I must learn to identify myself closely with my Lord in ways of holy fellowship and oneness that some of us have not yet even begun to learn. “…I must be about My Father’s business”— and I must learn to live every moment of my life in my Father’s house. Think about your own circumstances. Are you so closely identified with the Lord’s life that you are simply a child of God, continually talking to Him and realizing that everything comes from His hands? […] Is the grace of His ministering life being worked out through you in your home, your business, and in your circle of friends? Have you been wondering why you are going through certain circumstances? In fact, it is not that you have to go through them. It is because of your relationship with the Son of God who comes, through the providential will of His Father, into your life. You must allow Him to have His way with you, staying in perfect oneness with Him.”

{ELGIN}  Is the pursuit of God a priority in your life?  Do you think about the Father at all during your day?  OK, how about Jesus then?  OK … how about …. The Word?  Do you think about the Word, even?  Does your faith dominate your thinking and doing?  It should, but often it is nothing more than an afterthought for many Christians.  This is not me being high minded or holier than thou!  It is me challenging you to focus on the Father.  To make Him your priority in deed and not just in words.  Do you appreciate the fact that you have an eternal nature and that nature is a result of God’s love and Jesus sacrifice?  Is that significant to you or merely a memory of the day you were saved?  Look .. my role is to challenge you in your faith walk.  To encourage you to reach higher.  To focus your life on what should be most important.  Let the rest of your existence flow from that.  Don’t be satisfied with being a flickering flame.  Instead, desire to be an all-consuming fire.  So bright that you light up the horizon with the brilliance of your faith in action.  You can do it.  With God’s help, you can do anything.

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